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Sliding Into Home: Reflections on an Assessment Journey

“You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you are.” Yogi Berra 

I have always loved the Berra quote because it is so true, and has been my experience in life. I am the “Grandma” on the SAAL Board, having been involved in a…

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Adding a Chapter to the Story of SAAL

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To take a leadership role in Student Affairs assessment, you have to be a pretty interesting character. First, you have to want to work for students as an advocate in advancing their experience. You need to be happy doing this by influencing the work of others. A lot of our success relies on other…

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You're Not Alone: Helping to Build an Authentic Assessment Community

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Like many who find themselves working in student affairs assessment, I sort of stumbled into the field not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. I worked in the creative fields of architecture and advertising befor…

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How My Role with the Open Course Benefits You


Eight years ago, in 2015, SAAL put out a call for volunteers to compile topical resources to aid student affairs assessment pros. Content was sorted into seven topics: assessment culture, assessment planning, consulting and critique, success criteria and targets, critical approaches and ethics…

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Harnessing SAAL’s Essence

My grandfather said, “agua es la vida,” which translates to “water is life.” It is a crucial factor in maintaining what we possess. As a Student Affairs Assessment professional, I use my farming background daily; with precision and conscientiousness, I work tirelessly to build future leaders who…

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Engage in shaping the future of SAAL


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We have received a variety of nominations for our new Board for 2023. As an organization built to serve you, we ask for 10 minutes of your time to read this email and engage with our election process to:

  • approve the Bylaws (solidifying our new str…

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Revisions to the SAAL Bylaws and Notice for Public Comment

The SAAL Board is grateful to the community for their engagement during the past few months. It has been an exciting time as we make progress on the implementation of a new strategic plan, evaluating and updating the board structure, and aligning the bylaws with our future direction. While the bylaw…

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Recruiting SAAL's Future Leaders - Nominations Open Now

Over the last several weeks, we have shared with our members and partners the strategic planning process that SAAL has engaged in over the last few years. As we launch a new organizational structure and re-align our purpose and goals with the current needs of student affairs assessment professionals…

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Structuring SAAL’s Future

The single strongest element of Student Affairs Assessment Leaders is the people that make up our organization. People are our greatest resource.

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The talent, curiosity, commitment and engagement of our commun…

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Where do you see yourself?

One of the beautiful things about strategic and assessment planning is translating challenges into opportunities. 

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The aspirations of our members and the challenges of our board have translated into three strategic focus areas and objectives. As you rea…

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A Strategic Plan for the Future of SAAL

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Each of us has grown, evolved and learned from the changes influencing our personal and professional lives over the past few years. At times, these changes were planned, but many were not. Looking to the future for our organization and community, the SAAL boa…

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2022-What’s happening with SAAL?


Four months into 2022, if you asked me to pick SAAL’s one word for the year, it would undoubtedly be “evolution”. Student Affairs Assessment Leaders is 14  years old this year. Right now, we cautiously approach the end of this pandemic, continue to be in the midst of a racial justice pandemic,…

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2021 Open Course Results & Improvements for 2022

With our fifth year of the open course in the books, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the outcomes and results of the course. While these are summary data, you can see the full reports/analyses on our open course data page. I’ll also speak to some of the exciting changes we have pl…

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2019 Wrap-Up from SAAL Board Chair

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SAALutations, Members of Student Affairs Assessment Leaders!

As the second decade of the 21st Century comes to a close, SAAL is 11 years old. Thank you for volunteering to serve on committees or workgroups, to run for positions on the board, and to sponsor…

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Welcoming the 2019 SAAL Board of Directors

The votes have been counted, and the results are in for the 2019 SAAL Board of Directors!

Ballots were distributed to 1,254 members of SAAL, and 220 of you responded. Results of each SAAL race are determined by a plurality of the votes cast. Thank you to Kellie Dixon and the Membership Committee …

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New and Improved - FREE Assessment MOOC

Are you looking for assessment education or resources? Or how about structured professional development?

What if you could get both of those (and more) for free?!

January 21, 2019 marks the third start of our free, MOOC on assessment. With each run, we’ve made improvements by way of edits, ad…

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Celebrating 2018

SAAL has officially been in existence since December 4, 2008, and the first message was sent to the listserv on January 12, 2009! Today, we have more than 1000 members, and since 2009, we have participated in more than 2900 conversations on our listserv. As with most organizations, the heavy lifting…

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2019 SAAL Blog Team Applications are Open!

As we approach the beginning of 2019, the SAAL Professional Development Committee would like to pause to celebrate the successful first inaugural year of the SAAL Blog. Thank you to our creative and talented blogging team (Daniel Doerr, Daniel Kaczmarek, Daniel Newhart, Melinda Stoops, and Eric Wals…

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Gifts to our field

Hello SAAL blog readers,
Our next edition of the Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry is available for your review. On top of their already busy schedules, these contributors decided to share their knowledge with us, in an effort to help the field grow in new and productive directions. As the Edi…

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To kick off 2018, the Professional Development Committee is excited to announce the introduction of the SAAL Blog! As a part of the SAAL website, the SAAL Blog will offer continuous, varied, and educational content that informs student affairs assessment practice in a creative and approachable manne…

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