SAA-Leaders Listserv

SAA-Leaders Listserv

By joining SAAL you will gain access to the SAA-Leaders Listserv. Posting to the SAA-Leaders listserv is a great way to connect with colleagues, pose questions to gather resources or information, promote assessment events or job postings, and more. You can catch up on hot topics or see if your question has been asked to the listserv previously by reviewing the listserv archive. 

Join Listserv

If you need assistance with the listserv (i.e. changing your email address, not being able to send a message, etc.), please email

Manage Your Subscription

Digest Setting

You can email and ask to change how often you receive messages or you can change your settings in Google by following these directions for using new groups.

Leaving the List

You can email and ask to be removed, or you can change your settings in Google by following these directions for using new groups. If you are having difficulty unsubscribing from the group, please send an email to To rejoin at a later date, just fill out the membership form again.

Can’t Send to the List?

If you are trying to send a message to the list, but get a message that you can’t, it could be that your campus email is not what you registered with (you may have several aliases). If you have that problem, please email us at 

New Members/ Updated Contact Information

In order to be added to the listserv, you will need to fill out a membership form. You can also fill out the membership form to update your contact information and email.