Proposed Bylaws Changes


Current Terms of Office (Article 4, Section 6, p.7)

“Members of the SAAL Board, with the exception of At Large members, are elected for three-year terms (on alternating schedules), with the first year spent in an elect/non-voting role. At Large members are elected for two-year terms, with the first year spent in an elect/non-voting role.”

The current structure creates a system in which there is one year, during a three year term, in which there is not a chair elect. The SAAL Board has recommended that changes be made to the bylaws to ensure that there is always a committee chair-elect available to step in in cases when the chair is absent or leaves their position.  Furthermore, there is some concern that a three-year term is potentially too long of a commitment and can lead to burn-out for chairs.

Draft Solution:

Change the bylaws, Article 4, Section 6, to read:

Committee Chairs, Members-at-Large, and Secretary are elected for two-year terms for which they will be active participants on the SAAL Board and the corresponding committee, with the first year spent in an elect/non-voting role. In their Chair-Elect role, they are non-voting members of the SAAL Board and shadow the Committee Chair, Secretary, or Member-at-Large. During the second year, they serve as Chair of the corresponding committee and a voting member on the SAAL Board.  Upon completion of their second year, committee chairs are encouraged to stay on committees as an active member if they are able.

The Board Chair is elected for a three-year term.  During the first year they serve as Chair-Elect, second year as Chair, and third year as Past-Chair. 

Draft Transition Plan:

In the 2019 election process:

  • SAAL will have a nomination process for every position as the elected position (chair-elect, member-at-large-elect) with a start date of January 1, 2020.  Every year the membership will vote on board chair-elect, chair-elects for every committee, and member at-large-elect.
  • Any committee chair in their second year in 2019, will continue on for a third year through 2020 as they would have previously.
  • Anyone who is committee chair-elect in 2019, will serve for one more year through 2020.

Issues to consider:

  • There would be all new committee chairs every year (that said, they would have been participating as a chair-elect)
  • SAAL will need to recruit for every position every year.
  • The number of board members will increase to 17.

Current SAAL Bylaws