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Latest Engagement

On March 31, 2021, the instructors held an hour-long live session in the final week of the course to share final enrollment numbers and discuss completion before offering their reflections on each of the course modules and overall course. 


Student Endorsements

Below are links to videos from past students who wished to express their appreciation for and personal take on the course. Additional videos for specific modules from past students are also included in the course, but hopefully these overall videos are useful to folks unfamiliar with the course. 

Angela Campbell


Misty Song


Sally Zheng



Past Recordings

Below are links to past recordings for course-related webinars. The further back you go, the less relevant or reflective the information may be for the current iteration of the course. Nevertheless, interesting history and ability to see development progression!


2021 Pre-Course Live Session with Instructors (January 2021) 


2020 Open Course Data: Results & Implications (September 2020) 


2020 End of Course Live Session with Instructors (April 2020)


2020 Pre-Course Live Session with Instructors (February 2020)  


2019 End of Course Live Session with Instructors (March 2019)


2019 Pre-Course Live Session (January 2019)