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Data Highlights, Reports, and Blogs

2023 Course Highlights

As good data stewards, we have dedicated this page to sharing course-related data. Below are some data highlights from our most recent, 2023 course based on student end-of-course feedback or performance:

94% of students rate course quality 4 or 5 out of 5 stars

95% of students agreed course materials had positive impact

95% of students agreed course activities had positive impact



2023 Course Data Reports

While the above information was select, our full 2023 course data analyses (enrollment, completion, welcome survey, quiz data, assignment data, end of survey) and an extended executive summary are available for download here.


Past Data Reports

Full 2022 course data analyses and executive summary available for download here.

Full 2021 course data analyses and executive summary are available for download here.

2020 course data reports:


Course Outcome Blogs

For more narrative description around these 2023 course data, you can read this 2023 assessment results blog.

Past year's blogs can be found below: