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The SAAL Blog is a place for diverse voices and varied perspectives. As we prepare to relaunch the blog team, we are looking for individuals from all professional backgrounds and levels interested in being regular SAAL Contributing Bloggers as well as SAAL Guest Bloggers. Descriptions for each role can be found here:

Blogging Team Member:

Blog team members have a demonstrated interest in blogging, are interested in engaging the field of Student Affairs assessment in reflection and dialogue, and are responsible for sharing at least three posts per year.  This is a one-year term.

Apply to be a 2023 blogger by clicking on the link below! Applications close on March 17, 2023.


Guest Blogger:

Guest bloggers self-submit one-time interest pieces offering perspectives on student affair assessment, issues in assessment, assessment advice, reflections on Structured Conversation topics, or other topics of their choosing. Submissions are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.