Assessment as a Catalyst for Change

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Education and assessment have always been an integral part of my professional life. I earned a BA from a teacher's college to become a secondary school teacher, followed by a master's in educational administration and a PhD in higher education …

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Sliding Into Home: Reflections on an Assessment Journey

“You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you are.” Yogi Berra 

I have always loved the Berra quote because it is so true, and has been my experience in life. I am the “Grandma” on the SAAL Board, having been involved in a…

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Adding a Chapter to the Story of SAAL

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To take a leadership role in Student Affairs assessment, you have to be a pretty interesting character. First, you have to want to work for students as an advocate in advancing their experience. You need to be happy doing this by influencing the work of others. A lot of our success relies on other…

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Sorted Into SAAL: How I Found my Place in the Magical World of Assessment

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“You’re a wizard, Harry,” explains Hagrid, saving him from the infamous cupboard under the stairs and escorting him to Hogwarts. After years of living with his Muggle aunt and uncle, wondering …

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Together, WE are Going to do Amazing Things!


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I’ve always been hesitant to take on a leadership role for an organization because I fear not being able to give my very best to all of my competing personal and professional responsibilities. However, when I was notified that I had been nominated …

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You're Not Alone: Helping to Build an Authentic Assessment Community

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Like many who find themselves working in student affairs assessment, I sort of stumbled into the field not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. I worked in the creative fields of architecture and advertising befor…

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Chasing New Opportunity with a ‘Sure, Let’s Do It’ Attitude


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As I sat in our new SAAL board onboarding meeting, I could not help but think, “what in the world am I doing here?” Here I was, someone who has only been working professionally (at all) for one year, and my ex…

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How My Role with the Open Course Benefits You


Eight years ago, in 2015, SAAL put out a call for volunteers to compile topical resources to aid student affairs assessment pros. Content was sorted into seven topics: assessment culture, assessment planning, consulting and critique, success criteria and targets, critical approaches and ethics…

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Harnessing SAAL’s Essence

My grandfather said, “agua es la vida,” which translates to “water is life.” It is a crucial factor in maintaining what we possess. As a Student Affairs Assessment professional, I use my farming background daily; with precision and conscientiousness, I work tirelessly to build future leaders who…

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Engage in shaping the future of SAAL


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We have received a variety of nominations for our new Board for 2023. As an organization built to serve you, we ask for 10 minutes of your time to read this email and engage with our election process to:

  • approve the Bylaws (solidifying our new str…

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