Assessment Resources

SAA-Leaders Listserv

By joining SAAL you will gain access to the SAA-Leaders Listserv. Posting to the SAA-Leaders listserv is a great way to connect with colleagues, pose questions to gather resources or information, promote assessment events or job postings, and more. You can catch up on hot topics or see if your question has been asked to the listserv previously by reviewing the listserv archive. 

Access the Listserv Archive

If you need assistance with the listserv (i.e. changing your email address, not being able to send a message, etc.), please contact Darby Roberts at 

Resource Repository

A Dropbox folder has been established in an effort to collect and share the valuable resources created from members of the SAAL community. The subfolders contain documents in various formats (doc, pdf, xls) related to the specific topic under which the document is filed. In addition, an excel document can be found in each subfolder with website links to additional information that is found only on a website or in video format.

Access the Dropbox Folder

Once you are at the Dropbox folder website, you can click on the subfolders and access the documents by downloading them.

If you would like to add your documents to the folder or share a website link, please submit them to the Project Coordinator for the Administration Committee.