Community Development & Engagement Committee

Service for the Community (led by Vice President of Community Development & Engagement)

The primary purpose of this committee is to foster a sense of belonging for SAAL members in the organization and profession.

  • Engage and manage blog
  • Mentor and support early professionals
  • Engage on the listserv, providing/collecting resources, and focusing on professional development
  • Help institutions develop structures that sustain a culture of assessment on all campuses
  • Create a sustainable community of assessment practitioners
  • Provide networking opportunities and spaces to discuss challenges facing full-time professional assessment folks
  • Membership management
  • Maintain membership database. Including the following: annual renewal of membership, board elections (including soliciting nominees for Board positions, preparing and administering the ballot, verifying results, and notification), standing committee membership recruitment and notification, newsletter

Professional Learning & Development Committee

Service to the Community (led by Vice President of Professional Learning & Development)

The primary purpose of this committee is to support student affairs assessment professionals to advance their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

  • Support the development of podcasts, the structured conversation program, and the open course
  • Support graduate students who are interested in engaging in student affairs assessment
  • Describe and provide opportunities to develop the skills needed to successfully conduct assessment in student affairs
  • Facilitate a 2-3 day 'bootcamp'
  • Facilitate learning to improve quality of assessment practice
  • Partner with AALHE/IUPUI, and other organizations, to develop and support graduate students
  • Manage the resource repository and appropriate maintenance

Research On & Advancing Knowledge of the Profession Committee

Service about the Community (led by Vice President of Professional Advancement)

The primary purpose of this committee is to advance knowledge about the student affairs profession

  • Advance student affairs assessment scholarship
  • Administer the assessment professionals landscape/needs survey
  • Be responsive to the current assessment climate
  • Move the field of student affairs assessment forward, including advancing timely and innovative practices
  • Investigate competency needs to navigate assessment
  • Establish and execute the research agenda for SAAL, and subsequent support mechanisms such as the creation of data fellows or internship opportunities
  • Publish on various aspects of student affairs assessment
  • Support the Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry (JSAI)
  • Produce whitepapers on promising practices, hot-topic issues, and other timely topics that support the community