Structured Conversations

Structured Conversations

In an effort to provide ongoing professional development opportunities for SAAL members, the Professional Development Committee hosts Structured Conversations. Structured Conversations are monthly interactive assessment webinars. A listing of upcoming webinars and past records can be found below. Check the professional development calendar for a full listing of events. 

Upcoming Conversation

The SAAL  Professional Development Committee is pleased to announce that our next SAAL Structured Conversation is scheduled for February 7th, 2023from2:00pm-3:00pm EST (11:00am-12:00pm PST),  titled "Reframing Assessment to Center Equity ". Please join the book authors' panel Drs. Gavin Henning, New England College; Anne Lundquist, Hope Center, Temple University; Ciji Heiser, Developing Capacity Coaching, LLC; and Joseph Levy, National Louis University. The conversation will be moderated/hosted by Dr. Vince Nix, West Texas A&M University.  Please register by clicking this link.

What does it mean to be equity-centered versus equity-minded? How do those dispositions impact our assessment work? Why should we care? Join two of the editors and two of the chapter-authors of the book Reframing assessment to center equity: Theories, models and practices (2022, Henning, et al.) as they cover the scholarship, propose a model, and review considerations that ought to be taken into account as we engage in this critical work.

As a result of this conversation, we anticipate that participants will:

  • Identify key scholarship related to the intersection of equity and assessment.
  • Differentiate equity-minded versus equity-centered assessment practice.
  • Articulate the considerations of engaging in authentic equity-centered assessment.
  • Identify strategies for applying concepts shared by the speakers today.

Most Recent Conversation

The SAAL  Professional Development Committee was pleased to present "Sense of Belonging: The Key to Student Learning, Development, and Success Outcomes" with Drs. Erin Bentrim, Anthology, & Gavin Henning, New England College, hosted by Dr. Vince Nix, West Texas A&M University.  Here is the recording.


The editors of the volume The Impact of a Sense of Belonging in College: Implications for Student Persistence, Retention, and Success, will share insights from authors about defining and measuring sense of belonging and its relationships with campus environments, student experiences, and how those interact, highlighting the connection between sense of belonging and student affairs assessment. Much attention has been given to sense of belonging over the past decade by a varied field of researchers; Drs. Bentrim & Henning tied several disparate strands of research together. Scholars and practitioners alike will ostensibly benefit from this Structured Conversation.

As a result of this conversation, we anticipate that participants will:

  • Identify key theories regarding sense of belonging
  • Describe how sense of belonging is influenced by social identity
  • Articulate the connection between student affairs assessment and sense of belonging
  • Identify strategies for applying concepts from the book.

If you have topics and/or presenters of interest in the upcoming year, please complete the proposal form below.

Past Conversations

Structured Conversations are FREE and anyone can participate. If you are unable to attend a Structured Conversation live, recordings are available on the SAAL YouTube Channel. Visit our YouTube Channel or browse it below by clicking the playlist link on the top left of the video frame. PowerPoint slides and handouts can also be found in the SAAL Resource Repository in the folder titled "Structured Conversations."





Topic Proposals

Would you like to suggest a topic for a future Structured Conversation (SC)? The SAAL PDC welcomes your suggestions! You are also invited to apply to lead a SC and share your expertise with SAAL by completing the proposal form below. We look forward to hearing from you!