Structured Conversations

Structured Conversations

In an effort to provide ongoing professional development opportunities for SAAL members, the Professional Development Committee hosts Structured Conversations. Structured Conversations are monthly interactive assessment webinars. A listing of upcoming webinars and past records can be found below. Check the professional development calendar for a full listing of events. 

Upcoming Conversations

The next Structured Conversation will take place in June. 


April 2023 Conversation

April 27th, 2023 2pm -3pm EST

The SAAL  Professional Development Committee is thrilled to present "SAAL Members' Needs Assessment Results and Considerations of Using modified Nominal-Group Technique (mNGT)" with  Drs. Vince Nix, West Texas A&M UniversityAshley Farmer-Hanson, Rocky Vista University; and Sindy L. Fleming, Carleton College. The conversation was be moderated/hosted by Dr. Eunkyoung Park, George Mason University.  Please find the recording here.



SAAL as an organization is growing and changing as many other organizations post-COVID. The study conducted was to provide data that increased the understanding of how the professionals working in student affairs and co-curricular assessment view SAAL in terms of meeting their needs, the value to members, and to identify ways to increase membership. A modified nominal-group technique (mNGT) was used, similar to Wiggins, et al. (2020). Join us to learn about our results and the benefits of an mNGT in your practice.


As a result of this conversation, we anticipated that participants would:

  • Understand NGT and mNGT
  • Recognize different fields and uses for the qualitative methodology
  • Contrast this method to focus group as assessment tactic
  • Consider varying groups/approaches that would benefit from mNGT
  • Examine outcomes from the recent mNGT needs assessment



Second Most Recent Conversation-April 2023

April 11th, 2023 3pm -4pm EST

The SAAL Professional Development Committee is pleased to present "Exploring New Frontiers Together: Taking Equity Work to the Next Level in Student Affairs & Beyond" with Dr. Divya Bheda, Independent Assessment Consultant; hosted by Dr. Joseph Levy, Excelsior University. Please find the recording here.



Student Affairs (SA) professionals play an indispensable, central role in assuring student success, wellbeing, and learning-especially post-COVID. And yet, SA divisions and units are often seen as playing second fiddle to the academic side of the house in many higher education institutions. So, how can SA educators come into our own power and break down this false dichotomy (perceived and real) to positively impact academic arenas and improve the student lived experience in meaningful and innovative ways? How can we use the information and power we have to change status quo and catalyze a new way of being at our institutions? How can we deploy strong, integral equity and justice efforts, create empowering contexts, and better help our students (whole human beings) thrive? Attend this session to learn practical and application-oriented tactics on how YOU can be a leader for meaningful change and strategic action on your campus TODAY.


Past Conversations

Structured Conversations are FREE and anyone can participate. If you are unable to attend a Structured Conversation live, recordings are available on the SAAL YouTube Channel. Visit our YouTube Channel or browse it below by clicking the playlist link on the top left of the video frame. PowerPoint slides and handouts can also be found in the SAAL Resource Repository in the folder titled "Structured Conversations."





Topic Proposals

Would you like to suggest a topic for a future Structured Conversation (SC)? The SAAL PDC welcomes your suggestions! You are also invited to apply to lead a SC and share your expertise with SAAL by completing the proposal form below. We look forward to hearing from you!