Structured Conversations

Structured Conversations

In an effort to provide ongoing professional development opportunities for SAAL members, the Professional Development Committee hosts Structured Conversations. Structured Conversations are monthly interactive assessment webinars. A listing of upcoming webinars and past records can be found below. Check the professional development calendar for a full listing of events. 

Upcoming Structured Conversations

Aligning Assessment with Accreditation in Mind

September 18, 2018 @ 12pm- 1pm EST


Regional accreditation is a reality for higher education that too often is perceived as a burden, a punishment, or worse. What if we looked at it instead as a learning opportunity that helps us understand our impact on students and role in the larger university? How would that change the way we do our everyday assessment? How can we approach everyday assessment and accreditation with an improvement mindset? The three presenters represent three different commissions, roles with accreditation, and institutional types, and invite you to join them in conversation about this topic

Learning Objectives:

As a result of participating in this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the relationship between assessment and accreditation;
  • Differentiate between compliance and improvement mindsets;
  • Understand the different roles related to accreditation; and
  • Identify at least one action item to implement on your campus.

About Our Conversationalists:

  • Pamelyn Klepal Shefman, Ph.D., Director of Assessment and Planning - University of Houston
  • Joseph D. Levy, M.S., Executive Director of Assessment and Accreditation - National Louis University

Past Conversations

Visit our YouTube Channel or browse it below by clicking the playlist link on the top left of the video frame. PowerPoint slides and handouts can also be found in the SAAL Resource Repository in the folder titled "Structured Conversations."

Topic Proposals

Would you like to suggest a topic for a future Structured Conversation (SC)? The SAAL PDC welcomes your suggestions! You are also invited to apply to lead a SC and share your expertise with SAAL by completing the proposal form below. We look forward to hearing from you!