Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry

Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry. The official journal of Student Affairs Assessment Leaders

The Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry (JSAI) is an online, peer-reviewed publication hosted by Student Affairs Assessment Leaders (SAAL).

Inquiry is an intentional process of deep learning, reflection, planning, and action. It involves individual and interconnected components of assessment, evaluation, and research that support problem-solving and decision-making. JSAI supports inquiry across all functional areas within student affairs. If you have questions about your idea for a submission, reach out to the editorial leadership team (


To this end, JSAI provides a space for practitioner-scholars to engage with the inquiry process to

  • understand and improve student learning, development, success, and experiences;
  • promote and enhance equity-minded inquiry, policy, and practice in student affairs; and
  • advance the practice and utility of inquiry in student affairs across programs, institutions, and the field.


The editorial leadership team is committed to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion. In addition to intentionally and strategically diversifying the editorial board to represent the field, we have expanded the type of manuscripts we publish to invite more voices to engage in the inquiry process. We are working to provide alternative formats (e.g., DAISY, MP3, Text, PDF) to enhance the accessibility and usability of JSAI.

These efforts align with the SAAL ethos, CAS Standards, and the Professional Competencies in Student Affairs. 

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Journal Facts

Issues per Year: 1-2
Volumes per Year: 1
Acceptance rate: 72%
E-ISSN: 2381-5396
Publisher: Student Affairs Assessment Leaders