For Our Colleagues in Oppressive DEI States

For Our Colleagues in Oppressive DEI States

As the SAAL Board continues to foster spaces to share and create new knowledge around assessment, relationship building is fundamental. We are living in a time where  oppressive state policies exist. We want to let you know that SAAL sees you, hears you and wants to provide support and a place to brainstorm how to help you navigate these new barriers.

We will be designing small, safe group discussions to brainstorm ways to talk about:

1. Program Review with CAS Standards

How do we implement Program Review using CAS Standards when Part 5 is focused on access, equity, diversity, and inclusion? Will this section be ignored or how do we navigate it realizing the punitive nature of being transparent?

2. Data Storytelling with an Equity Lens

How do we tell our institution’s data story and center equity while being mindful of the state policies that prevent equity, diversity, and inclusion work? How do we talk about our work and help our colleagues show their impact?

The SAAL listserv is always a great place to discuss any obstacles that might impact our work, and there will be many more opportunities to come together as a community to address these challenges.  The discussion groups above are a first step, led by the SAAL Board and its committee volunteers, to addressing the impact of these policies on our work.  If you are interested in helping coordinate, please reach out to us ( as we aim to get these conversations going sooner rather than later. We want to be mindful that any advice or brainstorming we do as a group before engaging in action on your campus, please consult with your institution’s leadership, legal team or the entity that you have been informed to work with.



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