Welcoming the 2019 SAAL Board of Directors

Welcoming the 2019 SAAL Board of Directors

The votes have been counted, and the results are in for the 2019 SAAL Board of Directors!

Ballots were distributed to 1,254 members of SAAL, and 220 of you responded. Results of each SAAL race are determined by a plurality of the votes cast. Thank you to Kellie Dixon and the Membership Committee for managing the nominations and elections process.

Here are the results of the 2019 SAAL Elections!

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Board Positions


We experienced an unusual situation this year in the ballot for chair-elect. With no one accepting nomination to run, the ballot for chair-elect was based on write-in candidates only. Therefore, candidates with the plurality of write-in votes were contacted. Aimee Shattuck accepted the position. Aimee is currently the Assistant Dean of Student Life at Portland State University and is wrapping up her term as Committee Chair for SAAL’s Governance & Administration Committee.


Winning the plurality of 201 ballots cast, Brad Bayer will serve as our Secretary-Elect in 2019. Brad is currently the Senior Executive Director of Student Life & Assessment at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

External Relations Committee, Chair-Elect

Winning a majority of 199 ballots cast, Sara Hillis Ousby will serve as our Committee Chair-Elect for the External Relations Committee. Sara is currently the Director of Student Affairs Assessment at the University of North Texas.

Membership Committee, Chair-Elect

Winning unanimous support from 197 ballots cast, Matt Khoury will serve as our Committee Chair-Elect for the Membership Committee. Matt is currently the Coordinator of Assessment and Strategic Planning at Kennesaw State University.


Winning the plurality of 197 ballots cast, Ciji Ann Heiser will serve as our Member-at-Large-Elect. Ciji is currently the Director of Assessment and Effectiveness, Student Affairs at Western Michigan University.

Changes to the Bylaws

The proposed change sought to ensure that a committee chair-elect would always be available to step into the role in cases when the chair is absent or leaves their position unexpectedly. There was also some concern that the current three-year term of office was too long for committee chairs, the secretary, and the member-at-large. The change adjusted the term length for these positions to two years with one year in an “elect” role to shadow the related voting member of the board in order to learn the position. The Board Chair term did not change. The proposal kept that term as a three-year term: Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past-Chair.

For the proposal to change our bylaws, Article 4, Section 6; 210 ballots were cast.

99.0%    Yes

1.0%    No

The change passed overwhelmingly. We look forward to many more people volunteering to run for offices in the future now that the term of commitment is shorter!


The annual ballot affords members an opportunity to express interest in volunteering for the different standing committees of SAAL. Before each committee name listed here appears the number of voting members who expressed interest in that committee.

  • 27    Professional Development Committee
  • 25    Advancement Committee
  • 18    Membership Committee
  • 17    External Relations Committee
  • 13    Governance & Administration Committee

IIf you are interested in joining one of these committees but did not express your interest on your ballot, please contact the 2019 Chair of the committee that interests you.

The committees might not need this many new volunteers, but knowing of your interests helps the chairs to identify members for their committees.  

"the best gift is you" hands in the air with confetti cartoon


I am very excited about working with Aimee, Brad, Sara, Matt, and Ciji as “elect” members of the board in 2019 and with Leslie Meyerhoff (Past Chair), Megan Bell (Secretary), Sarah Gordon (Advancement Committee Chair), Susan Fox Forrester (External Relations Committee Chair), Cole Moore (Governance & Administration Committee Chair), Kellie Dixon (Membership Committee Chair), Joe Levy (Professional Development Committee Chair), and Nicole Long (Member at Large) as the continuing members of the board.

I want to say a special “thank you” and express warmest appreciation for the members of the 2018 board who have completed their service in their current offices: Pam Shefman (Past Chair), Brian Bourke (Advancement Committee Chair), Aimee Shattuck (Governance & Administration Committee Chair; although, she will continue on the board as Board Chair-Elect), Whitney Brown (Professional Development Committee Chair), and Patrick Biddix (Member at Large). I will miss your wisdom, warmth, and wit during the monthly board calls, so I look forward to keeping in touch.

If you are reading this blog, work in Student Affairs assessment (or otherwise meet our membership criteria), and have not joined SAAL yet, please click the “Join” item in the menu along the top of this page. Complete the membership form. Membership dues are very affordably priced at $0 (zero dollars). We would love for you to join us in our continuing mission to create an open and welcoming environment for educators who coordinate or contribute to assessment for and within divisions of student affairs to share and receive information and resources to advance their work.


With warmest wishes for the winter break,

J. Judd Harbin, Ph.D.

Chair-Elect 2018

Student Affairs Assessment Leaders

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