Structuring SAAL’s Future

Structuring SAAL’s Future

The single strongest element of Student Affairs Assessment Leaders is the people that make up our organization. People are our greatest resource.

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The talent, curiosity, commitment and engagement of our community of practitioners are the bones of this organization. To achieve our strategic plan, we need an organizational structure that maximizes talent, creates flexibility for members to be involved, and allows the space for well-being as well as dedicated commitment because these two values are not mutually exclusive, but instead, inextricably linked. I’m writing today to share with you our new organizational structure and our new action teams. 


Organizational Structure

Our organizational structure has shifted to align with the key focus areas of the strategic plan. 

  • President 
  • Vice President of Community Development & Engagement
  • Vice President of Professional Learning & Development
  • Vice President of Profession Advancement 
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary 
  • Communications Specialist 

We will share more about each of these roles via social media and next week’s blog, so stay tuned. 

Action Teams 

Our action teams reflect the focus areas of our strategic plan while balancing honoring approaches that have historically worked for our organization, what our membership views as our greatest assets, and what we need to advance the organization. 

Community Development & Engagement: Service for the Community 

  • The primary purpose of this committee is to foster a sense of belonging for SAAL members in the organization and the profession. 

Development & Learning: Service to the Community

  • The primary purpose of this committee is to support student affairs assessment professionals to advance their knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

Research On & Advancing Knowledge of the Profession: Service about the Community

  • The purpose of this committee is to advance knowledge about the student affairs profession. 

If any of these opportunities sound interesting to you, tell us more here by September 15. Ask me two questions or share one comment below. 

Blog written by Ciji Heiser, SAAL Board Chair. 


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