Assessment Chats Connects Professionals Across the Country!

Assessment Chats Connects Professionals Across the Country!

New to Assessment and looking to connect? SAAL recently hosted a gathering for folk who have been working in assessment for less than two years. A group of 16 folks gathered to meet each other and talk about their experiences beginning their journey into assessment in Student Affairs work. The group was split into 3 breakout groups: One’s primary role is assessment; one’s primary role is not assessment, but they dedicate a large amount of time to assessment; and one’s primary role is not assessment, and while they do not dedicate a lot of time to assessment, they would like to learn more.


Each group spent time introducing themselves to each other, and answering the questions: what has been your journey into assessment, what projects are you working on now, what questions do you have about assessment, and what opportunities would be helpful? The groups had some great conversations and deemed that an hour was not enough time, so we’re planning additional conversations this summer! 


Future chats are a place to share about: 

  • Assessment issues
  • Campus politics
  • Advocacy for assessment 
  • Defining student success
  • Sharing assessment scales 
  • How others are sharing out data
  • Ways to build a culture of assessment 
  • Accountability so SA areas when it comes to Assessment and institutional reporting
  • Accreditations differences across the country
  • How to build skills to move into a full assessment and data analysis position.
  • Data Governance
  • Resources around data visualization/building dashboards

If this sounds interesting to you, join us for our next session on June 28th at 2pm EST/11am PST and get ready to talk with others that are new to assessment. Feel free to leave a comment and share what you would most like to discuss. 

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Blog written by Kyle Amore, member of SAAL's Community Development and Engagement Committee and Associate Director of Co-Curricular Assessment at Santa Clara University



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