2019 SAAL Blog Team Applications are Open!

2019 SAAL Blog Team Applications are Open!

As we approach the beginning of 2019, the SAAL Professional Development Committee would like to pause to celebrate the successful first inaugural year of the SAAL Blog. Thank you to our creative and talented blogging team (Daniel Doerr, Daniel Kaczmarek, Daniel Newhart, Melinda Stoops, and Eric Walsh), our dependable blog management crew (Amy Corron, Ciji Heiser, and Whitney Brown), and our many guest bloggers. The 26 blog posts and rising in 2018 would not have been made possible without your time and commitment to SAAL. Thank you for bringing the SAAL community thought-provoking, insightful, and entertaining blog content all year long.

Now we prepare to pass the torch to the next group of talent. SAAL is seeking its next group of SAAL Blog Team members! Blog Team members are a select group of individuals that serve a one year term, creating sustained and unique blog content for the SAAL Blog. The Blog Team acts as a collective, providing feedback to each other on blog posts and meeting together with Blog Managers to review blog processes and content. Being a member of the SAAL Blog Team provides methods to creatively develop one’s writing and a supportive professional development community.

As a part of the SAAL website, the SAAL Blog will offer continuous, varied, and educational content that informs student affairs assessment practice in a creative and approachable manner. The SAAL Blog is an engaging digital space that provides sustained dialogue towards advancing SAAL’s values of curiosity, equity, justice, and intentionality.

The SAAL Blog welcomes diverse voices and varied perspectives. We are looking for individuals from all professional backgrounds and levels interested in being regular SAAL Blog Team members as well as SAAL Guest Bloggers. Descriptions and applications for each role can be found on the SAAL website hereDEADLINE EXTENDED - Applications for the SAAL Blog Team are due 12/3/18. Blog Team selection will take place by mid-December, and the one year term will begin in January 2019.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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