blog posts - September 2023

Blog posts September 2023

Statistical Standards vs. Student Support: The 'Good Data' Dilemma

On day one of a typical Stats 101 course, your subject’s introduction likely revolves around these foundational concepts: the pursuit of statistical significance and generalizability. We’re taught, fifteen minutes in, that good data must meet specific criteria, including:  an n > 30, p-value < 0…

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How a Light Bulb Moment Inspired Us to Create a Game-Changing Course

Have you ever had a light bulb go off in your head after a couple years of doing the same thing? That’s what happened to us, and ultimately, what led us to creating something that turned out to be a valuable experience. 


Thabuttress Oh GIF - Thabuttress Oh I Got It GIFs

Our assessment office was roughly two years old and housed fi…

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The Documents You Need to Support Assessment Continuity and Vision

In a previous blog post, I recommended assessment professionals develop four documents that can help to guide their work. The guidance was meant to focus our efforts, especially as we get pulled in a million directions. More to the point, these documents also offer a consistent source of reflection …

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