blog posts - June 2023

Blog posts June 2023

ACPA Student Affairs Assessment Institute Recap

2023 Assessment Institute Faculty

(Backrow: Paul Holliday-Millard, Heather Strine-Patterson, Melissa Brown, Kristyn Muller, Sarah LaFrance, Chris Patterson, Shaun Boren, and Jerri-Ann Berry Danso. 

Frontrow: Jennifer Lowman, Amy Pilcher, Britt Spears-Rhymes, Ciji Heiser, Renee Delgado-Ril…

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Assessment or Public Relations: What's my real job here?

Allow me to paint a picture: You, an assessment leader, have been given a seemingly impossible task: to tell the story of a failing program.


Now, you didn’t know going into this project that the program was failing. Anecdotal evidence was positive. The program has been around for some time …

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