blog posts - May 2023

Blog posts May 2023

Assessment Chats Connects Professionals Across the Country!

New to Assessment and looking to connect? SAAL recently hosted a gathering for folk who have been working in assessment for less than two years. A group of 16 folks gathered to meet each other and talk about their experiences beginning their journey into assessment in Student Affairs work. The g…

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Maslow's Hierarchy in Action: How Student Affairs Can use the Framework for Better Assessment of Wellbeing

Every year the needs of our students seem to become greater—and the expectation we will be able to help address these needs grows in parallel. In an era where universities seek to better understand and support student well-being, it's worth considering the relevance of Maslow's hierarchy of need…

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A Reflection on Dr. Bheda’s “Taking Equity Work to the Next Level”


As an assessment specialist with a deep passion for equity work, I stand firm in the belief that the more one knows, the more one sees. For this reason and more, it was a pleasure to join in Dr. Divya Bheda’s SAAL Structured Conversation, “Exploring New Frontiers Together: Taking Equity Wo…

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You’ve got an Assessment Story to tell! Now what?

At my institution, we talk a lot about telling the stories of our work. It’s central to everything we do in assessment. The problem is … this can be tough to do in our profession. Why? Well, when you think of storytelling, you might imagine something like this:

A neat, narrative arc.

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Investing Energy Supporting Individuals Engaged in Student Affairs Assessment

Photo by Matt Bango on StockSnap

The Student Affairs Assessment Leaders (SAAL) is 5 months into its newly formed leadership board. As a fully volunteer run organization, the key foundations of innovation, service, passion and commitment comprise why this organization has survived for 15 years…

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