blog posts - December 2023

Blog posts December 2023

Making Moves: What's Next for Our Student Affairs Assessment Journal (JSAIII)?

This year, the Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry (JSAI) Editorial Team has engaged in an exciting process of visioning and planning. First and foremost, we have given considerable thought to the journal’s unique contribution to advancing the field of student affairs assessment. Second, we have expl…

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A Year in Review: Celebrating Our Milestones and Achievements!

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In the ever evolving landscape of higher education, organizations such as Student Affairs Assessment Leaders (SAAL) play a pivotal role in shaping the student experience as well as for those engaged in assessment. This year, SAAL has taken a bold step forward …

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Five Questions to Consider to Shift from Data Collection to Outcomes Measurement

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In an age where information is abundant and storage is cheap, it's tempting to equate volume with value. This is especially true in academic institutions, where the pursuit of knowledge is relentless and often equated with progress. But there's a stark difference between collecting data for the …

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The only bad data you can have is the data you don't do anything about

Hello SAAL Blog readers! My name is Sophie Tullier and I recently joined the SAAL blog team after starting a new role as the Director of Assessment, Data Analytics, and Research at the University of Delaware. Being new to the Director role, I thought it would be a great time to reach out to others w…

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