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Course as Professional Development

Student Affairs Today wrote a 2022 article overviewing the open course for its use for professional development.

Beyond individual participation, know you can leverage this course for structured team or institutional professional development. Past institutions provided feedback which helped create this tips and tricks resource document on leading a group through the course.  

If you've led a group through the course, we'd love to hear your suggestions on facilitating the process to share with others. Email your suggestions to


Reuse of Course Content

Please note, as a past course participant, any of the course content (lecture text, videos, resources, activities) are free to you to download, re-use, remix, and share. We only ask that you cite this course (or the original source for any campus examples, articles, or published texts). The Terms of Use button below gives lots more information about this, but we included pertinent information here on how to do that (and know we added a note on this in the Course Welcome section).

To provide attribution for the most recent course offering, the creators of this course can be listed as “Applying and Leading Assessment in Student Affairs MOOC” with a link to Student Affairs Assessment Leaders’ website ( For electronic or paper copies of any content, please provide a citation in the following format:

  • Student Affairs Assessment Leaders. (###). Title of module, video, lecture page, activity [Format description]. 

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