As a free professional network, we rely on the generosity of members and their host institutions to make our work possible. We would like to say a big thank you to the following individuals and organizations who have provided support, creativity, and resources for Student Affairs Assessment Leaders.

Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry (hosting)

Anonymous Donors

SAAL Logo (design)

Joshua Sauder, developed in 2016 while an undergraduate at Kent State University

Website (design)

Michael Tallino-Smith
University of Alaska

Website (hosting, June 2019 - July 2022)

Division of Student Affairs, Kent State University

Podcast (hosting)

The National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute

Annual Meetings/Use of Basline


Open Course 

Canvas (course hosting) and Enflux, Weave, Modern Campus, & Assessment Network of New York (sponsoring partners)


A little more about the logo: 

To create the logo, Joshua worked with SAAL's External Relations Committee and the SAAL Board of Directors. The logo incorporates speech bubbles to reflect the conversational nature of assessment work. The logo also incorporates a representation of the ongoing cycle of assessment.