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Advance Online Publications are online versions of articles before they are published in an issue. This practice allows quicker access for scholars and practitioners. The manuscripts have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication. Advance Online Publications have not been assigned a volume, an issue, or final pagination.

Volume 6

Editor: Heather J. Strine-Patterson  |  Year: Forthcoming  |  Issues: TBD

The new editorial team is working on Volume 6. In the meantime, check out the Advance Online Publications for t he latest in student affairs inquiry.

Volume 5

Editor: Daniel W. Newhart  |  Year: 2019  |  Issues: 1

In this edition, a variety of articles are presented and shared linked together by their connection to the scope of the Journal. This edition is a collection of manuscripts graciously provided by the authors through an open submission process versus a targeted call process, and are catalyzing works for continued directions in our field.

Volume 4

Editor: Daniel W. Newhart  |  Year: 2018  |  Issues: 1

In this edition, we provided a call for manuscripts describing practice in our field.

  1. Culture of Assessment
  2. Accreditation and Student Affairs Assessment
  3. Communicating back to stakeholders in creative ways
  4. Assessment on the ground – how does assessment manifest in different functional areas?
  5. Internal/external review and you – what does it look like?

Volume 3

Editor: Daniel W. Newhart  |  Year: 2017  |  Issues: 1

What role, if any, does student affairs inquiry (assessment, evaluation, and/or research) have in equity work across college campuses?

An increasing number of higher education institutions are experiencing demands for reform from minoritized populations and those concerned with equity. In response to these calls, administrators and faculty are being challenged to engage and work with students to change institutional characteristics and work towards more equitable higher education – for all students. The third edition of the Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry seeks to explore the role that inquiry in higher education, be it through assessment, evaluation, and/or research, can have on informing possible changes in higher education. Does inquiry in student affairs have a role in advancing equity efforts? If so, how can data be used in transformative ways? Can inquiry contribute to the good of all students, or does this positioning challenge the traditional role that inquiry has had in student affairs?

This volume includes a letter to the editor from Joseph D. Levy.

Volume 2

Editor: Daniel W. Newhart  |  Year: 2016  |  Issues: 1

How is inquiry in Student Affairs uniquely positioned to answer calls of accountability and improvement in higher education?

In the second edition of the Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry, we explore how inquiry in Student Affairs is uniquely positioned to answer calls of accountability - and improvement - in higher education today.

Volume 1

Editor: Daniel W. Newhart  |  Year: 2015  |  Issues: 1

In this first edition of the Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry, Marilee Bresciani-Ludvik, Larry Roper, and John Schuh discuss the past, present, and future of inquiry in Student Affairs. Daniel Newhart discusses the purpose and intent of the Journal, as well as the vision for future work. This edition also includes a call for potential contributions and contribution guidelines for future editions.

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