Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry

The Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry (JSAI) is an online, peer-reviewed publication.

Inquiry is an intentional process of deep learning, reflection, planning, and action. It involves individual and interconnected components of assessment, evaluation, and research that support problem-solving and decision-making. JSAI supports inquiry across all functional areas within student affairs. If you have questions about your idea for a submission, reach out to the editorial leadership team (


To this end, JSAI provides a space for practitioner-scholars to engage with the inquiry process to

  • understand and improve student learning, development, success, and experiences;
  • promote and enhance equity-minded inquiry, policy, and practice in student affairs; and
  • advance the practice and utility of inquiry in student affairs across programs, institutions, and the field.


JSAI is committed to scholar-practitioners fulfilling JSAI's purpose. The editorial leadership team and review board members also commit to advancing diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion through our strategic plan and review process.

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E-ISSN: 2381-5396