Engage in shaping the future of SAAL

Engage in shaping the future of SAAL


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We have received a variety of nominations for our new Board for 2023. As an organization built to serve you, we ask for 10 minutes of your time to read this email and engage with our election process to:

  • approve the Bylaws (solidifying our new structure),
  • vote for Board member positions,
  • and indicate your interest in joining our 3 action teams in 2023.

Given all three of those important things are contained within our emailed link for the election process, we very much look forward to your participation and hearing your voice.

Elections close on December 16 and announcements of our new board will be announced before the winter break.

Change has impacted the Student Affairs Assessment Leaders (SAAL) similar to others the last few years. For me personally, this more rapid change along with ever increasing work flows has exhausted me. As a result of this increased pace, many of our colleagues have exited the profession of higher education. This unique  exodus has been interesting as with my assessment lens, I am often left wondering why this phenomena exists. Regardless of the reasons, I continue to choose to stay on this Student Affairs assessment professional path.

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SAAL has remained committed to innovate, intentionally embed equity and lead our organization into the future by prioritizing strategic planning and developing a structure that is more adaptable to today’s context. The current SAAL board has been working on bringing our newly minted strategy to fruition. We are thrilled and hopeful that our new structure will guide our action teams,

  1. Community Development & Engagement: Service for the Community,
  2. Development & Learning: Service to the Community, and
  3. Research On & Advancing Knowledge of the Profession: Service about the Community.

In thinking about what I do and why I do it, I often think back to that naive, first generation student starting college because my grandpa told me that, with a degree, I would not be poor like him. Yes, my degree has provided me and my family the privilege of not struggling like my ancestors, but, more importantly, I value education and enjoy the challenge of learning, problem solving and opening up my world to things I did not have the privilege of experiencing as a child.

Every day as a Student Affairs assessment pro, I continue to learn more about our programs in a new light and the impact of what we do to enrich the student journey, but I also learn more about people through connections. SAAL has been a place to connect, enrich, and enhance my professional journey and I hope that you find space in your world to share back your talents, energies and perspectives with us.

We are so excited to have you as part of this group and feel humbled to have you engage and support our future!

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We are so excited to have you as part of this group and feel humbled to have you engage and support our future!

Blog written by Renee Delgado-Riley, Ex-Officio SAAL Member-Strategic Planning Facilitator


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