A Strategic Plan for the Future of SAAL

A Strategic Plan for the Future of SAAL

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Each of us has grown, evolved and learned from the changes influencing our personal and professional lives over the past few years. At times, these changes were planned, but many were not. Looking to the future for our organization and community, the SAAL board and membership have spent the last two years discussing and drafting a strategic plan to foster intentional change and a more sustainable future for our organization. 

The core focus of our strategic planning has been to ensure that SAAL’s work and contribution to the field remain purpose-driven.  The board spent considerable time reflecting on what our purpose has been, could be, and should be. We are excited to share this work with you in the form of our vision, mission, and values. 

In short, our purpose is creating and sustaining a community. Our vision is our aspired future. Our mission is the work we will do now and in the future. Our values are how we do our work and what guides our best and most difficult moments as an organization. You can hear more about the journey to our new vision, mission, and values on our podcast here


SAAL nurtures a thriving community of individuals engaged in Student Affairs Assessment.


Create a robust, active, and inclusive community committed to supporting and advancing critical conversations with resources and scholarly endeavors related to student affairs assessment. 


Curiosity: Asking questions of ourselves and the profession, fostering dialogues, engaging our community to co-create solutions to challenges related to assessment and data-informed decision making.

Community: Encouraging collaboration, engagement, outreach, and reliance upon one another in thought, care, and support for advancing Student Affairs assessment practice, knowledge, and resources.

Equity: Championing practices of assessment that leverage data to close equity gaps, foster inclusive communities, and dismantle inequitable systems and structures.

Responsibility: Fostering and leading with authenticity and accountability - among SAAL leadership, across SAAL membership, and to the student affairs field - to ensure we are working together to create measurable and effective Student Affairs assessment practices by providing professional learning.

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After multiple listening sessions and discussions, we believe we have honored your feedback and aspirations for our organization in this renewed purpose. 

Ask me two questions or share one comment below. I can’t wait to answer. We are looking for passionate individuals to continue the implementation of the strategic work done so far. If this purpose-driven work aligns with your values, tell us more here. 

Blog written by Ciji Heiser, SAAL Board Chair. 

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